In Austra Pak we organise production of the transportation packaging based on the FEFCO catalogue standards. However, we also offer customised, modified and bespoke solutions. Our project managers will carefully consider your requirements for transportation packaging. The most suitable solution defined by your needs will be found. We take into consideration the size, weight, type, and other parameters of the transportable product. To save your time, we advise to choose first from the catalogue of standardized solutions. Our project managers are ready to give you a professional advice.

To define your requirements for transportation packaging we advise to indicate the following:
– Volume of the required order the price offer is asked for;
– Measurements of the inner dimensions of boxes;
– Transportable product and its weight;
– Type of material (thickness, number of layers and others);
– Other essential parameters.

Types of corrugated cardboard:
– Colours: brown/brown, white/brown, white/white;
– Layers/thickness: 3 layers (1,5mm, 3mm, 4mm), 5 layers (4,5mm, 7mm).

Feel free to contact us and get your customised offer.